Macross Compendium


Through sharp-eyed searching and persistence, the people here have all uncovered or corrected errors in Macross Compendium:
Alexandra Hwang
Noted incorrect number of LDs in Macross Memorial Box.
Noted missing Macross Mech Graffiti video.
Noted misspelled "Scrambled" in Scrambled Valkyrie Game
Shawn Klueck
Noted incorrect scale for (unreleased) Nichimo Destroid Monster model entry
Rodrigo Orlando Badínez Lara
Noted incorrect link to Macross 3D page on Animation and Live-Action
Graham Parkes
Noted incorrect leg FAST Pack in General Galaxy VF-17 Nightmare entry
Adam Sencindiver
Noted omission of MSX game
Peter Walker
Offered correction on mass/weight confusion
Noted an extra zero in VF-1 Valkyrie's FAST Pack's propellant capacity.
Noted a premature link to the then unfinished Robotech FAQ Errata.
Dana Weaver
Noted unrevised number of episodes and theatrical listings schedule in the Macross 7 animation page.
Lance Webster
Noted extraneous and incorrect number of GU-15 gunpod magazines in YF-19 page
Steven Zivanic
Noted mistakes in Bandai's Valkyrie toy listings

If you have contacted me about an error, please check if you are listed above, among the Beta Testers, or in the Endnotes. If not, please notify me -- that makes two errors you have uncovered. =)


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