Macross Compendium


Government: Anti-U.N.
Ship Type: Aircraft Carrier


Variable vehicles: Sukhoi/Israel Aircraft Industries/Dornier SV-51s in 12 vertical launch docks.
Weapons: Anti-aircraft weaponry in bays in forward dorsal section and aft dorsal section

Programs: Submarine aircraft carrier in service with the Anti-U.N. Forces and refitted from a super-scale missile nuclear submarine of the former Russian forces. It is an elusive, difficult foe. SV-51 units deployed and launched from carrier in 2008. The carrier launches SV-51s in pressure-resistant capsules from underwater and rises to the surface only for their retrieval. [Note: Several SV-51 units exists which have been modified for underwater launching capabilities from submarines.]

Debut: Macross Zero Vol. 2
Designer: Junya Ishigaki
Notes: The name is a reference to the German town that was a decisive battlefield between the French and Prussians in 1806 during the Napoleonic Wars.
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