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Viggers/Chrauler MBR-04-Mk VI Tomahawk Main Battle Robot



Viggers/Chrauler MBR-04-Mk VI Tomahawk Main Battle Robot

The MBR-04 series were the first combat-ready Destroids. By the time the Type 01 through 03 had completed trial production and the Type 04 of the Destroid ambulatory weapons was finally developed (from Overtechnology from the fallen Macross), the United Nations War was nearly over. Development began in 2001 May and trial production begain in 2003 December. The decision was made to formally introduce the MBR-04 series of Destroids 2006 June and mass production began. The MBR-04-Mk I's rollout occurred in 2007 February. (The Mk I's original designation was the Destroid. After its systems became the basis for other models, this first model became to be called Mark One.) The MBR-04-Mk I's weaponry consisted of rocket launchers and two arms for use in close-quarters combat. The Mk VI (Tomahawk)'s and Mk X (Defender)'s rollouts were in 2007 November and 2009 March respectively.
The heavy assault MBR-04-Mk VI Tomahawk possesses the greatest firepower of any type or version within the [04] series. The detachable weapons bay attaches to the main body via two main locks. In the weapon bay directly above the cockpit is an extendable periscopic telescope. A missile or searchlight option pack can be attached directly behind the beam cannon mount on either side of the weapon bay.

Crew: 1
Mass: 31,300 kg
Length: (overall) 5.1 m
Width: (overall) 7.9 m

(overall) 12.7 m
(to head unit) 11.27 m
Engine: Kranss-Maffai MT808 thermonuclear reactor developing 2800 bhp
Auxillary generator: GE EM9G fuel generator rated at 450 kW
(main) 2 x Mauler PBG-11 liquid-cooled electrically-charged particle beam gun
(anti-personnel) 2 x Ramington M-89 12.7 mm air-cooled MG
(sub) 2 x Astra TZ-III gun cluster (1 x laser gun, 1 x 25 mm MG, 1 x 180 mm grenade launcher, 1 x flamethrower)
(rocket) 2 x 12-rocket Bifors close-in self-guided rocket launcher, 1 x Erlikon 6-missile anti-aircraft self-guided missile option pack

In production for UN



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