Macross Compendium

Asuka II (CVN)

Government: United Nations
Ship Type: Aircraft Carrier

Asuka II CVN-99
Dimensions, metres: 250 (approximate, length)
Variable vehicles: VF-0
Destroids: Destroid Cheyenne Anti-Air Interception Robot
Missiles: VLS launcher
Guns: Overtechnology beam gun; Phalanx CIWS
Main machinery: Nuclear

Programmes: Advanced small-scale stealth carrier developed by the United Nations government. It became the de facto mobile base of first VF-0 special duty combat test unit (Skull Team), deployed in 2008. In addition, engineers assigned to the VF-0 development and maintenance were transferred aboard this ship to maintain these difficult units. Two-bridge design.

Electronics: Aegis system.

Guns: Overtechnology beam gun mounted in starboard. Phalanx CIWS mounted on forward port, forward starboard, aft port, aft starboard, and midship starboard.

Missiles: VLS launcher mounted on midship starboard.

Debut: Macross Zero
Designer: Junya Ishigaki, Kazutaka Miyatake
Notes: The name (sometimes written as ASCA) is a reference to Asuka, a common Japanese name for several ships, including an experimental ship of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force.
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