Macross Compendium


Government: United Nations
Ship Type: Frigates

Bluenose Macross 7
Bolognese Macross 7
Bolognese 003 Macross 7
Bolognese 005 Macross 7
Bolognese 006 Macross 7
Carla 009 Macross 7
Lucy Macross 7
Stargazer 2046 February Macross 7

Displacement, tons: approx 1200 (operational)
Dimensions, meters: approx 250
Main machinery: Engine nozzles along the circumference of the center rear body, fold system

Combat data systems: Sensor dome

Mecha: Approx 37 fighters, including 28 VF-11 Thunderbolt, 4 VF-17 Nightmare, and 4 VF-19 Excalibur, each with landing pod; and 1 VF-22S Sturmvogel II with fold booster (Stargazer, 2046 February).

Programs: The Bolognese is a stealth frigate, the main-force warship for colonization fleets. This type of warship employs stealth technology and is the smallest capital ship in these fleets. There exists many variations, including firepower-enhanced, reconnaissance, and early-warning versions as well as variations specific to Zentradi crews. The frigate's low firepower is compensated by its maneuverability.
Structure: Stealth composition.
Debut: Macross 7
Designer: Kazutaka Miyatake
Note: The Bluenose, Carla 009, and Lucy are not specified to be in the same class as the other frigates. The Stargazer name is a supposed reference to the ship of the same name in Star Trek: The Next Generation. For an example of mutual inspiration and idea cross-pollination, please see this post and this post on USENET from Star Trek franchise technical illustrator and modeller Rick Sternbach.


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