Macross Compendium

Guantánamo Stealth Carrier (CV)

Government: United Nations
Ship Type: Carriers

Guantánamo CV 299 Macross 7 (docked with Sunnyflower)
Maizuru CV/ARMD 362 Macross 7
Mamoi 375 July 2045 Macross 7

Displacement, tons: 9,500 (operational)
Dimensions, meters: approx 400
Main machinery: Main engine thruster in aft. External fuel tanks with stealth covers on ventral side. Fold system.

Programs: This ship is derived from the first ARMD class carriers. Unlike the first ARMD class, it is capable of folding by itself. Due to their inexpensive cost, ships of the same type were deployed in massive numbers as the main-force carrier of colonization fleets.

Design: Stealth composition. Large dock in aft.
Debut: Macross 7
Designer: Kazutaka Miyatake


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