Macross Compendium

Riviera Resort Ship

リビエラ リゾート艦
Government: United Nations
Ship Type: Resort Ships

Riviera Macross 7

Displacement, tons: approx 10,700,000,000 (operational)
Dimensions, meters: approx 6300 (without escort carrier)
Main machinery: Main nozzle in aft
Complement: approx 100,000

Programs: The Riviera resort ship is designed for marine life cultivation and breeding. With its artificial coast, it is also used for high-class leisure with hotels and casinos. It is docked with the CV-404 Uraga escort battle carrier.

Design: 3600m-diameter artificial ocean with an artificial coast over 10 km long and transparent dome. Starport to the fore. Numerous searchlights on exterior.
Debut: Macross 7
Designer: Kazutaka Miyatake
Note: Kazutaka Miyatake based the design on a needle and a "beautiful spiral shell."


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