Macross Compendium

High-Speed Raiding Space Cruiser

Government: Varauta
Ship Type: Cruisers

Displacement, tons: 32,500 operational; 28,000 empty
Dimensions, metres: 366
Vehicles: On the order of 12-16 variable fighters
Missiles: 18 anti-ship missile launchers, close-in defense high maneuverability missile launchers
Guns: Anti-ship high-angle beam guns (2 supersize-bore, 2 large-bore, 2 small-bore), 6 converging beam guns (fixed in ship fore).
Maximum instantaneous acceleration during combat: 1.75 G+

Countermeasures: Shipborne pin-point & total barrier system

Program: This ship features upgraded conventional engine thrust, higher fold engine power, improved maneuverability, increased armor in the fore, and greater firepower in the fore for raids, disturbances, and armed assault missions.

Debut: Macross 7
Designer: Kazutaka Miyatake
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