Macross Compendium

Standard Battleline Battleship

Government: Varauta
Ship Type: Battleships

Displacement, tons: 180,000 operational; 150,000 empty
Dimensions, metres: 600
Vehicles: On the order of 30-40 variable fighters
Missiles: Anti-ship reaction warhead missile launchers, close-in defense anti-ship missile launchers
Guns: Anti-ship high-angle beam guns (2 supersize-bore, 8 large-bore, 12 small-bore).
Maximum instantaneous acceleration during combat: 1.55 G+

Countermeasures: Shipborne pin-point & total barrier system

Program: This ship is the main capital warship of the Varauta forces. It is distinguished by heavy weaponry and armor, and can stow many variable fighters. It is equipped with catapults, each capable of launching four of the stowed fighters on its upper deck.

Debut: Macross 7
Designer: Kazutaka Miyatake
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