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Poor underappreciated Misa. As Shoji Kawamori noted, Misa "Oba-san" Hayase was the heroine, but Lynn Minmay was the star. Mikimoto himself and director Noboru Ishiguro said the animators initially made Misa look too old for her nineteen years, and they tried to de-age later in the series and then in the movie. But have no pity for her, for she got her man—and a starship to boot.

I ask Mikimoto during an interview about those far-off animating days at Artland. He laughs as he recalls them working all day and night and sleeping two or three hours—on the studio floor. I tell him that I've seen a cartoon he drew of the staffers' naked feet poking from under blankets in the back room. He laughs since he thinks he did draw it, but was half-asleep then so he doesn't remember it at all. Think about that the next time you're about to complain that Misa has three arms in episode so-and-so.
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