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Lynn Minmay character voice,
First Macross/Do You Remember Love?/Macross 7/
Macross Digital Mission VF-X
March 20, 1999

The Fanime panel room was packed, standing-on-chair room only. This was Iijima's first event outside Japan ever, and the fans had arrived in full force for her first concert in the States. Now the fans gathered for a Q&A session, still incredulous that she's here. Until Don Yee's Protoculture Addicts interview that year, many non-Japanese-speaking fans didn't even know she was living within their midst. She had been calling Los Angeles home for almost a decade.

The millisecond the Q&A session ends, the signature line springs up and snakes out the hallway. Don and I join the rest of the press and staff in the back as we watch the line grow. When the last of the line peters out over an hour later, we walk over and thank Iijima for her time. I say that there's no need for a signature for I'm happy with just a smile. So she draws a smile. And more.
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