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Mylene Jenius/Canari/Aoi Tsuwabuki/Emma Watson character voice,
Macross 7/Macross Digital Mission VF-X singer
May 1995

Tomo Sakurai was stepping into some pretty big leather pumps. After all, she was travelling on a multi-city tour for a CD whose title explained it all: Mylene Jenius Sings Lynn Minmay. Not only was Sakurai covering beloved classics as her fictional persona, but the original Minmay, Mari Iijima, had written a new song just for Sakurai. It was all ironic, given that most of Mylene's own songs were sung by someone else (Chie Kajiura), not Sakurai.

Sakurai is understandably nervous during the concert. After all, she is ending it with "Do You Remember Love?"—a song that hit the mainstream charts and is known by everyone in the hall by heart. Still, with her mom backstage to support her and shouts of "gambare" from the crowd, she pulls through. Naturally, she asks the audience to join in the chorus parts. In the end, she leaves everyone in the hall with a better appreciation, a handshake, a smile, and something to remember by.
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