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Also see Macross Frontier (disambiguation) for related links.

The Macross Frontier is a massive colonization fleet with a total population on the scale of 10 million people. It is the 55th large-scale, super-long-distance colonization fleet utilizing the 25th New Macross class colonization ship and Island Cluster class which departed in 2041 and encountered the Vajra in 2059 while journeying near the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. It is composed of various small spaceships clustered around the larger Island 1 flagship. The smaller spaceships include residential, agricultural, resort, and manufacturing ships. The fleet is a fifth-generation design that uses bio-plants and recycles all onboard energy, water, air, organic matter, and other resources in a closed ecosystem. Because of this, livestock, such as hippopotamus cows, can be bred. Approximately half of the fleet's onboard population lives in Island 1.

Ships in the Fleet



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