Do You Remember Love?

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Do You Remember Love?

Film about Space War I and Lynn Minmay that premiered in 2031 February. The film became an enormous success and revived the Minmay Boom the same year. It influenced later protrayals of Space War I and inspired many United Nations citizens including Basara Nekki, a pivotal figure in the Protodeviln War (2045 March-2046 February).

For propaganda reasons, the film deviated from the historical events. Zentradi female commander Moruk Laplamiz was intentionally protrayed as a commander of an entire "Meltlandi" main fleet separate from the Boddole Zer Main Fleet, in order to emphasize the existence and danger of main fleets besides the Boddole Zer Main Fleet. (The movie popularized the Zentradi term "Meltlandi" for female Zentradi in general.) The movie also employed the East River training ship to protray Boddole Zer's mothership, using holography to alter the ship's outer appearance.


  • Production Notes: Several episodes of Macross 7, particularly episode 11 ("Minmay Video") and the third unaired episode ("Fleet of Strongest Women"), excerpted the Do You Remember Love? film. This film purportedly produced within the world of Macross has several differences from the similarly named film, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross [the Movie]: Do You Remember Love? (1984). The 2031 film in the Macross world has Max and Milia fighting in space, which did not occur in either the 1984 film, or the first Macross series (1982). It also protrays Max and Milia's marriage which was not included in the 1984 film.