Isamu Alva Dyson

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Isamu Alva Dyson

Tanned young pilot with medium-length dark-brown hair
Two things distinguish this ace UN Spacy pilot: an astronomical kill ratio and a gutsy independent streak. So, it was no surprise that the UN Spacy reassigned him to New Edwards Test Flight Center as the test pilot for the YF-19 prototype variable fighter. Here on Planet Eden, he will challenge his vaunted prowess and confront some troubling memories from his youth.

Age: 24 years old
Gender: Male
Birthdate: March 27, 2015
Birthplace: Earth
Childhood Planet: Eden
Lineage: Japanese-Caucasian
Blood Type: B+
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 69.7 kg
Measurements (cm): 91-??-84
Family Status: Unmarried
Address: New Edwards Test Flight Center
Occupation: Pilot
Affiliation: UN Spacy
Identification Number: SD-064015J
Rank: First Lieutenant
Assignment: New Edwards Test Flight Center, Fighter Development Section A
Project Team: Super Nova, YF-19 Team
License: Motor Cycling License, Special Flight License
Chronic Disease: Cedar Pollen Syndrome
Interest: Girl Hunt
Special Ability: Reckless Fun


  • Debut: Plus Vol. 1
  • Voice: Takumi Yamazaki
  • Production sheets: Figure, Face
  • "Isamu" is a Japanese male given name for "brave." His middle name and surname are the same as those of Thomas Alva Edison and Freeman John Dyson, respectively.

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