Varauta Large Battroid Transport Carrier

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Large Battroid Transport Carrier


Government: Varauta Ship Type: Carriers

This ship is the mainforce transport carrier of the current Varauta forces. Although it is a transport, it has powerful weaponry and armor. It not only transports Battroids, but can also operate as a support carrier because it also has launching catapults and fighter command and control equipment.


  • Missiles: Large anti-ship missile launchers
  • Guns: Anti-ship high-angle beam guns (2 large-bore, 4 medium-bore, 2 small-bore), 7 converging beam guns (fixed in bow).
  • Countermeasures: Shipborne pin-point & total barrier system


  • 3-5 vehicles for ship defense. On the order of 100 vehicles maximum stowed as cargo.


  • Dimensions, metres: 684

Mass & Loadings

  • Displacement, tons: 195,000 operational; 125,000 empty


  • Maximum instantaneous acceleration during combat: 1.25 G+


Debut: Macross 7 Designer: Kazutaka Miyatake