Macross VF-X2

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Macross VF-X2
Console Sony PlayStation
Disc Type CD-ROM
Developer UNiT Inc.
Release date September 2, 1999
February 2000 (Special Edition)
No. of Players 1
Distributor Bandai Visual
Tokyo Snack Foods Corporation (Special Edition)
Story Chronology 2050

Macross VF-X2 is a sequel to the game Macross Digital Mission VF-X for Sony PlayStation. It is a 3-D shooting single-player game. The player plays Aegis Focker along side the VF-X Ravens. Although planned, the game was never released in the North American Sony PlayStation market (under the same name). In the North American version, the VF-1X was replaced with the VF-5000B. A Special Edition, released in Japan in February 2000 via mail-in campaign, allowed the player to play VF-5000B only.




Standard Edition

  • Three-mode transformation on all playable mecha.

Special Edition

  • Includes options originally developed for United States/Canada version (30-frames-per-second display rate, Battroid-modelled GERWALK controls, Forward View option, English operator voice)
  • Featuring player choice of VF-5000B only
  • Includes Survival (unlimited time), Score Attack (unlimited enemies, limited time), and [Itano] Circus (missile-targeting with gunpod only) training modes

Playable Mecha


  • Sony Playstation or compatible
  • Memory card (1 block required) compatible
  • Dual shock/analog controller and analog joystick compatible

Release Information

Standard Edition

  • SLPS-02237
  • Includes 1 CD
  • Price: ¥6800

Special Edition

  • SLPM-80540
  • Includes 1 CD, 4 postcards
  • Not for sale (Mail-in campaign prize), Limited to 1000 copies