Space War I

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Space War I

Human term for the war (2009 February 7-2010 March) between Earth's U.N. Forces and the Zentradi's Golg Main Fleet's 118th Boddole Zer Main Fleet. The first modern contact between Earth Humans and Zentradi. Also known as Stellar War I.

Prelude to War


After the War

Production Notes

There have been several portrayals of Space War I, including some purportedly created within the world of Macross itself. Studio Nue portrayed the war in the first The Super Dimension Fortress Macross series (1982-1983) and the movie The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? (1984). In addition, the people in the world of Macross itself created a similarly named movie Do You Remember Love? (excerpted in Macross 7 episode 11 and other episodes' prologues) in 2031 and the Linn Minmei Story (excerpted in Macross 7 episode 11 and 14) in 2045.

Shoji Kawamori and the rest of Studio Nue have left their options open on which version portrays the war the most accurately. ("The real Macross is out there, somewhere. If I tell the story in the length of a TV series, it looks one way, and if I tell it as a movie-length story, it's organized another way.") For the Macross Chronology that provides the framework for all Macross projects by Studio Nue however, Kawamori and Masahiro Chiba decided to rely on the television series's story.