Valhalla III

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Valhalla III


  • Government: United Nations Government (UN Spacy)
  • Type: Stealth Attack Variable Carrier Vessel (VCV)

The submersible attack carrier that belongs to UN Spacy with independent long-distance fold capability. It is capable of carrying 6 variable fighters. It was built for special operations for deep insertion by a single ship with outstanding stealth performance, performing surprise attacks with carrier-based aircraft. One was used (in the game, Macross Digital Mission VF-X) in the rescue of the "Milky Dolls" who were kidnapped by anti-government forces.


  • Bridge: 4 crew with captain


Submersible stealth cruise, plane-launch carrier, attack modes. Stealth cruise mode emphasizes the stealth form. The third mode forms When launching planes. The hanger opens and the centrifugal catapult shaft at the stern of the ship grips the aircraft and throws, then launches the aircraft.


  • Triple beam gun, located on the bottom, with 240-degree rotation.



  • Overall length: 120-150m

Ships in line

Valhalla III VCV-551

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