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First Macross/Do You Remember Love?/Macross Plus,/Macross Zero animation director
November 21, 2004

Macross Missile Massacre. Anime Magic. Infinite Salvo Lock-On. It's called a lot of names (I just made up that third one), but the dizzying aerobatics and corkscrewing missile plumes that many equate with the entire anime artform came from one man. From the first Mobile Suit Gundam to the infamous Daicon video shorts, this air-circus style is so famous that the industry nicknamed it Itano Circus in honor of the man. And yet, if it weren't for Macross, Ichiro Itano would still be hauling deliveries on the streets.

He's come a long way from his Yokohama roots. Like almost every boy in Japan, he grows up wanting to be the shiny android Kikaider/Kikaida. Unlike any other kid, he imitates Kikaider's rocket-equipped motorcycle by strapping about fifty toy rockets and a Zippo lighter to his motorbike's front fenders. Just another proof that Japan produces more geniuses without those pesky child-safety laws.

Despite his initial Gundam glory within the industry, work slowdowns force Itano back on the road as a truck driver. However, Studio Nue remembers his amazing mecha choreography and lure him back. Except for event appearances like Sugoi-Con 2004, he's been working non-stop ever since—from all three Megazone 23s and Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise to Gantz and the new, grittier Ultraman movie.

During Sugoi-Con's after-hours, he tells more stories over a hearty beer haus dinner. Unfortunately, some are too sensitive to discuss in public.

Perhaps one day when the statute of limitations expires.
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