Macross Compendium

To the Future

AD 2040 January - AD 2051 February14

AD 2040年1月ーAD 2051年2月14日

Beginning of New Era
(2013 - 2039)

Macross Plus
YF-19 and YF-21 prototype competition is conducted at New Edwards Test Flight Center on Humankind's first colonized planet, Eden.
January 5
Isamu Alva Dyson assigned as seventh test pilot of YF-19 at New Edwards Test Flight Center on Eden.
Macross City holds the 30th anniversary celebration of the end of Space War I. "The Sharon Apple Incident."
Decision made to adopt VF-19 as the next generation main fighter.
At 15 years of age, Gamlin Kizaki enters the Air Force School in UN Spacy via special entry.
VAB-2's deployment begins
Milia is installed mayor of Macross 7 by election.
Decision made to adopt VF-22S as special operations fighter.
While the Varauta research fleet surveys an "ice planet" in the system, scientists discover a mysterious energy field underneath the ice surface. With an undisturbed legacy of Protoculture apparently inside the field, a field-deactivation experiment is begun.
The field strength drops and Protodeviln are awakened, starting with Ivane Gyuntar (later Geperuniti).
Gamlin Kizaki graduates Air Force School in 2 years (students normally take 3 years) and gets assigned as VF-17 pilot on Diamond Force.
Aegis Focker graduates from military academy (after repeating one year) and is assigned as second lieutenant to the VFF stationed at New Anderson Base.
Macross 7
7 Episode 01 Speaker Pod
The Fire Bomber band performs their first live concert with Mylene Jenius. New Macross 07 journeys near Planet Varauta. Exsedol Folmo has warned against coming close to this planet, but Maximilian Jenius did not heed his warnings ....
Macross 07 colonization fleet encounters a mysterious enemy (the Varauta Army).
Basara Nekki of the rock band Fire Bomber begins singing at the scene of the battle.
7 Episode 02 Spiritia Level
7 Episode 03 Fire Scramble
7 Episode 04 Vampire Soldier
Varauta operatives infiltrate City 7. Outbreak of "vampire incidents."
"Fire to Tomorrow!"
7 Episode 11 Minmei Video
7 Episode 12 Spiritia Farm
Due to the efforts of the Varauta operatives, City 7 is manipulated into folding. Hereafter, City 7 begins to wander in space.
7 Episode 14 Fighting Woman Mayor Milia
Military doctor Chiba completes most of his sound energy theory.
7 Episode 15 Virgin Jealousy
7 Episode 16 Battlefront Music Box
The Varauta soldiers' identity are revealed as brainwashed Human and Zentradi by the capture of Varauta soldier Irane [Irena] Hayakawa.
7 Episode 17 Pretty Devil
Awakening of Protodeviln Sivil. Diamond Force leader Kinryuu is absorbed of Spiritia by Sivil.
Basara drives away Sivil.
7 Episode 18 Fallen Little Devil
City 7 folds to an unknown destination again.
7 Episode 22 Men of Burning Fire
City 7 is captured by star Alpha 1101's gravitational pull. City 7 returns to colonization fleet.
Macross 7 Docking Festival: Singing Saves the Galaxy!?
7 Episode 23 Sound Force
Formation of Sound Force.
7 Episode 25 Late-Night Duet
Macross 7 colonization fleet arrives at planet Rax.
7 Episode 26 Death on Planet Rax
Confirmation of Macross 05 colonization's annhilation. Hostilities with Gepruniti Fleet and Varauta main fleet. As a result of this, the Macross 7 colonization fleet lands on planet Rax.
7 Episode 27 Seven-Color Song Energy
Dr. Chiba completes the Sound Energy System and equips each Sound Force element with it. Sound Force repels Glavil's attack with Sound Energy System.
7 Episode 28 New Sound Weapon
Sound Booster successfully developed.
7 Episode 32 Jammingbirds
"Jammingbirds" is formed.
7 Episode 33 Backstabbing and a Girl's Tears
7 Episode 34 The Day Gigile Sang
Sivil is successfully captured but Sivil escapes with Sivil.
7 Episode 36 Men of Passionate Song
Discovery of Protoculture ruins.
7 Episode 37 Mystery of the Space Ruins?
The truth about the Protodeviln is uncovered.
7 Episode 38 Forbidden Planet's Sivil
In order to save Sivil, Gigile self-destructs. Due to Gigile's power, Valgo is also destroyed, and Planet Rax is annihilated.
Macross 7 Trash
The war with the mysterious Varauta Army continues. 27-year-old First Lieutenant Mahara retires from active duty in the U.N. Spacy and crosses paths with 17-year-old Shiba Midou at a rather opportune moment.
7 Episode 42 Desperate Capture Operation
Protodeviln capture operation by Sound Barrier.
Macross 7 the Movie: The Galaxy's Calling Me!
Basara folds to a planet inhabited by U.N. colonists and encounters an unknown mecha.
February 2
7 Episode 43 Separated From Others
Mylene Flare Jenius celebrates her 15th birthday.
Operation Stargazer. Formation of "Ice Planet" special attack force and attack operation undertaken.
7 Episode 44 Nightmarish Invasion
Attack by Captain Max in VF-22S. Mayor Milia becomes acting captain of Battle 7.
7 Episode 45 Ambitious Fourth Planet
7 Episode 46 Gamlin's Rebellion
Awakening of Protodevilns Zomd and Goram.
7 Episode 47 Basara Dies
Engagement of Dr. Chiba and bridge operator Kim Saintlaurent.
Deprived of Spritia by Sivil, Basara goes into critical condition .
7 Episode 48 Mylene's Tears
The final battle against Gepruniti. Use of Sound Buster in actual combat
7 Episode 49 Singing Voice Echoing Through the Galaxy
Revival of Basara Nekki.
Conclusion of Protodeviln War.
The Protodeviln evolve into a Spritia self-regenerating race with Basara Nekki's singing as the catalyst. The surviving Protdeviln go away beyond the universe.
Macross 7: English Fire!!
Fire Bomber American releases its first album on an indies label.
Fire Bomber American responds to an interview during an in-studio practice session.
February 21
"Macross English Anticipation Manga"
Fire Bomber learns about the English Fire!! album release from the Fire Bomber American cover band.
Fire Bomber American's English Fire!! album gains widespread popularity.
Macross Dynamite 7: Mylene Beat
Mylene Jenius ponders independence by starting her own act and gig aboard the Macross 7.
Macross Dynamite 7
Basara Nekki journeys across the galaxy alone and and embroils himself in a conflict between Galactic Whale poachers and the patrol force on Zola.
Macross Generation
Aboard the Macross 9 fleet, aspiring idol singer Passero encounters Wolf, an assassin on the run from the Mafia, and Rafale, a Cosmo Bike Racer.
July 23
Macross Digital Mission VF-X
1920 Earth Standard Time: The idol singer group Milky Dolls are captured during a concert and taken to an abandoned colony planet.
Aegis Focker relocates as unit leader of Beneb star system's AVFF Angel Wings.
Suzie Newtlet ends her test pilot assignment at the same time she relocates Earth's Lagrange 4 space unit.
April 9
Macross VF-X 2
U.N. Forces reassigns Captain Aegis Focker to the 727th Indpendent Special Command VF-X Ravens.
February 14 [January 30]
U.N. Forces defeats the Vindirance terrorist group. [Note: The date of Vindirance's defeat depends on which ending is chosen in Macross VF-X2.]
Parallel World
The Super Dimension Fortress Macross II: Lovers, Again
Mardook Army attacks Earth.


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