Fukuyama Fire!!! ~A Tribute to Nekki Basara~

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Fukuyama Fire!!! ~A Tribute to Nekki Basara~ is an album by Yoshiki Fukuyama, singing voice of Basara Nekki. There is one new song ("Like a Fire"), and the other tracks are newly arranged and recorded.

Track Listing

  1. Holy Lonely Light
  2. New Frontier
  3. 突撃ラブハート ("Totsugeki Loveheart")
  4. Dynamite Explosion [Live Version]
  5. Remember 16
  6. 夢の道 ("Road of Dreams") [Live Version]
  7. Submarine Street
  8. Planet Dance
  9. Light the Light
  10. 名もなき果ての街で ("At the End of the Town With No Name")
  11. Heart & Soul
  12. Starlight Dream [Live Version]
  13. Angel Voice
  14. Like a Fire

Release data

  • Releaser: Three Nine Entertainment
  • Distributor: Geneon
  • Release date: May 25, 2005
  • Price: 3150 yen (tax included)