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Sakiko Hayase
Frail woman with hair held in bun
Little is known of Sakiko, the wife of Admiral Takashi Hayase and the mother of Misa Hayase. She had passed away long before her only daughter entered adulthood and before the fall of the Macross.
Gender: Female
Address: Japan; Australia

Debut: TV Episode 24 (Photograph)

Takashi Hayase
Tall man with dark brown hair
Admiral Hayase lead a distinguished career in the Rim Pac Alliance Force and subsequently the UN Navy, but the early death of his wife left him with only her daughter Misa in his private life. Although highly protective of her, he encouraged her early military schooling and later rise in the UN Spacy.
Gender: Male
Address: Japan; Australia; Alaska
Occupation: Admiral
Affiliation:Rim Pac Alliance Force, UN Navy
Rank: Commodore, Rear Admiral, Admiral
Assignment: UN Forces Alaska Headquarters

Debut: TV Episode 15
Voice: Osamu Saka

Fellow with full beard in Captain Global's old chair
Current captain of the SDF-1 Macross.

Debut: Plus Vol. 1
Voice: Shouji Satou

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