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  • On Vulcan, third planet of the Sharma star system, end of operation making the environment similar to Earth.
  • VB-6 König Monster development begins.
  • Ray Lovelock is a VF-11B elite pilot in the U.N. Spacy's Pink Peckers squadron with Kinryu and Stephan. Stephan died in action against Zentradi.
  • Euri Yui born.
  • Shiba Midou born on the Cemetery-class ship Heaven.


  • M3 Episode 7 Devil Gate Drive
  • M3 Episode 8 Dancing Skull
    • [Interception] Battle Over Susia
      • The Dancing Skull special forces team intercept two aerial attacks on the New U.N. headquarters on the planet Susia, including one by three unidentified Zentradi combining units.
      • After the completion of the operation[s], the two [Jeniuses] are granted special leave.

June 3

  • Liza born in the 14th district of Miranda satellite city in Jupiter orbit.

August 11


  • The space launch of the first New Macross class super-massive emigration battleship. This emigration fleet's population numbers in the proportions of 1 million people.


  • Armed revolt by the giant Zentradi living on Earth. The Second Defensive Battle of Macross City.
  • Timoshie Daldanton is decorated for shooting down over 50 Zentradi aircraft during the battle.
  • Deserters from the 63254109th Zentradi Outer Space Army captured a VF-X-11 equipped with fold booster. It will serve as the basis for future "Pheyos Valkyrie".
  • Hereafter, giant Zentradi are prohibited from living on Earth.


  • Because of the increase in hereditary children's diseases due to the overuse of cloning, mass cloning is terminated.
  • VF-11 mass production as the main variable fighter begins. VF-11 Thunderbolt replaces VF-4 Lightning III as main variable fighter in U.N. Spacy.

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