ADR-04-Mk.XV Super Defender

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Viggers/Chrauler/General Galaxy ADR-04-Mk.XV Super Defender


  • MANUFACTURERS: Viggers/Chrauler/General Galaxy
  • GOVERNMENT: Macross Galaxy Corporation


Redesigned model of the anti-aircraft interception Destroid Defender, used in Space War I.

While maintaining the appearance, the Destroid is updated with an excellent fire-support AI, fast and accurate target tracking performance by adopting linear actuators from AVF technology, and GRU-53 radar unit.

This second generation Destroid is far cheaper than a Variable fighter and its high rate of operation is found to be useful in emigration fleets and planets.


  • Kranss-Maffai MT1333 thermonuclear reactor developing 3500 SHP
  • Auxiliary GE EM165 hydrogen-storage alloy fuel generator rated at 950 kW


  • Two 78 mm liquid-cooled high-speed automatic cannon Type 966D PFG "Contraves II"
  • M161A3 6-barrel "Fiddle" Gatling gun
  • Chaff/Flare/Smoke discharger system
  • GRU-53 radar unit

Note: High speed automatic cannon and Gatling gun defensive equipment are interchangeable.


  • Height (overall): 10.73 m

Mass and Loadings

  • Mass: 2520 kg (with 78mm gun equipment)

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