Before 1 BC

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BC 20,000,000,000 - 3700 cycles before present
BC 20,000,000,000s

  • Big Bang. This universe as well as an adjoining sub-universe is born simultaneously.

BC 1,000,000s

  • In the sub-universe, a spiritual energy lifeform comes into being. It gradually evolves into a sentient lifeform. In this universe also, life is born, evolves, and becomes its first sentient lifeform, Protoculture.

BC 500,000s

  • First year of Protoculture Calendar (PC 0).

PC 2400s

  • Protoculture's first space colonization begins (with the use of sub-light-velocity spaceships). [PC 2600s]

PC 2500s

  • The mass production of giant biological weapons for proxy warfare, "Zentradi," is begun. The "Zentradi" contribute greatly to the expansion of the Protoculture's sphere of influence.[PC 2600s]

PC 2700s

  • Protoculture's second space colonization begins (by super-light-velocity spaceships using fold navigation).

PC 2800s

PC 2860

  • Within the excessively overexpanding Stellar Republic, internal rifts begin forming. The internal rifts eventually develop into large-scale conflicts that split the Stellar Republic into two.

PC 2865

  • Development on powerful biological weapons based on the Zentradi, "Evil Series," begins. [Note: "Evil" pronounced as "Eh-vil."] Evil is the abbreviation of the Protoculture term for "advanced (Zentradi) all-enivron biological weapon." Trial production takes place on a scientifically advanced planet (the first planet of the star system later known as Varauta), but because of unresolvable problems with the weapons' power exceeding the fighting capability requirements, trial production is halted.

PC 2868

  • On the [aforementioned] scientifically advanced planet, the existence of a sub-universe is confirmed. According to survey results, this sub-universe is abound with super high levels of extra-dimensional energy, and this energy is discovered to have the potential for application.The trial production of super dimension energy gates which can supply energy from the sub-universe is begun, and genetically engineered biological super dimension organs are developed. These biological super dimension organs are extremely compact, and they are expected to supply enormous amounts of energy.
  • Because of power problems, the trial production begins implementing the technology from the terminated "Evil Series." No problems are uncovered in simulations.
  • The internal conflicts within the Stellar Republic revives the development of the "Evil Series."

PC 2870

  • A Protoculture survey ship stops temporarily on "Earth." By genetically reconstructing the native life, it plots the emergence of a sub-Protoculture adapted to the planetary environment, "Humankind," to prepare for future colonization. During its return to its home planet, the survey ship is destroyed by military ships opposed to the Stellar Republic. Records of Earth and Humankind are eventually lost. [PC 2900]

PC 2871

  • On the [aforementioned] scientifically advanced planet, trial production of the "Evil Series" for final tests is begun. Seven Evil Series weapons of seven types including a highly mobile, humanoid "Sivil" for search-and-destroy functions and a super-scale, high-powered "Glavil" for fleet warfare are completed. The Evil Series tests are begun, but at the same time biological super dimension organs overload and extradimensional energy is released. The Evil Series' bodies are occupied by the spiritual energy life form from the sub-universe and thus creating, from the massive fighting capability of the Evil Series and the enormous potential of the spiritial energy, beings with extraordinary fighting ability and a coveting for life energy, "Spiritia." They covet Spiritia in order to continue existing as extra-dimensional beings in this universe. They begin invading the surrounding planets and systems using spaceships and weapons of people from the scientifically advanced planet that they brainwashed. (They later become known as the Supervision Army).
  • Three months later, the internal conflicts of the Protoculture Stellar Republic are halted as efforts are devoted against the extradimensional energy beings occupying the Evil Series, dubbed "Protodeviln." However, over 30% of the Stellar Republic and several hundred systems are under Protodeviln control and the Spiritia-deprived people number several hundred billion. The Zentradi faction fight but, due to the prime directive "Do not interfere with Protoculture," are unable to fight effectively against the brainwashed Protoculture people under the control of the Protodeviln.

PC 2872

  • Nine months after the emergence of Protodeviln, over 85% of life in the Protoculture is lost. Direct combat between the Protodeviln with their [army of] manipulated Protoculture people (Supervision Army) and the Zentradi.

PC 2873

  • Approximately one year after the emergence of Protodeviln, their power begins to rapidly decline.
  • "Protodeviln sealing operation." People (known as Anima Spiritia) who are significant in the war against the Protodeviln are determined to have influential powers over the Protodeviln. Protodeviln faction are completely sealed in special chambers through the efforts of Anima Spiritia.

PC 2875

  • Protoculture population continues to decrease even through the Protodeviln are sealed.
  • The network among each colonized planet disintegrates. Control of the Zentradi faction is lost and the reissuing of the prime directive "Do not interfere with Protoculture" becomes ineffective.

PC 3000

  • Dissolution of Stellar Republic.
  • Oppostion between the Supervision and Zentradi factions begins.

PC 5000

  • In what still remains of the Stellar Republic, only a small number of separated colonized planets, colonization fleets, space colony clusters [bunches], and other populations at the edge of the galaxy are left.

PC 25000

  • Near annihilation of Protoculture.

BC 380,000

[280,000 cycles before the present]

  • Destruction of Glaug automated production system by all-front Supervision Army attack on Roiquonmi weaponry plant.

3700 cycles before the present

  • Almost new Glaug units recovered from an opened weapons storage facility.

Before the Fall