Sv-262 Draken III

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General Galaxy (SV Works) Sv-262 Draken III


  • Government: Kingdom of Wind - Windermere
  • Manufacturer: General Galaxy "SV Works"

A mysterious Valkyrie used by the Aerial Knights from the "Kingdom of Wind" located in a remote star system.


  • Sv-262Ba: Standard production model.
  • Sv-262Hs: Commander model.

Design Features

Shinsei/LAI ISC-TO21G ISC (Inertia Store Converter). While thrust, acceleration and maneuverability performance is the same as other VF, adopting a special transformation mechanism reduces on-board capacity and cruising range in space is short due to restriction in propellant capacity. "Reheat System" uses Fold quartz excavated from Protoculture ruins on Windermere IV to improve over-boast system output compared to Ba-variant (Sv-262Hs).


  • Two P&W/RR/L.A.I. FF-2999/FC2 Stage IIG thermonuclear reaction turbine engine (in space, maximum thrust of 1,955 KN)
    • Equipped with joint variable 3D-maneuvering nozzle for both engines.
    • 30% over-boost is possible when using "Reheat system" (Sv-262Hs)
  • P&W HMM-10A High maneuverability verniers.


One pilot.


SWGA Energy Converting Armor. Chaff-Flare-Smoke discharger system. Active Stealth system.


Standard Armament

  • Two laser machine gun in the nose cone in fighter mode and on head turret in Battroid mode.(Sv-262Hs)
  • Two Remmington LM-27C 27mm machine gun rail gun (mini gunpod). Mounted behind cockpit in fighter mode and on lower right arm in GERWALK and Battroid mode.
  • General Galaxy GBP-35A beam gunpod mounted on the ventral side in fighter mode in a semi-submerged state. In GERWALK mode, it moves to the dorsal side and acts as a turret.
  • Anti-projectile shield. In fighter mode, shield folds together and acts as a single tail fin.
  • Pin-point barrier system.

Optional Armament

  • Lil Draken. 30mm beam cannon or optional jamming system. Four Micro-Missile Launchers.
  • Four leg missile pods

Dimensions, External

Fighter mode:

  • Wing span: 13.00m
  • Length overall: 17.54m
  • Height overall: 5.74m

Battroid mode

  • Height overall:
    • (without laser guns): 15.78m

Mass and Loadings

  • Mass, empty: 9,810 kg


Fighter mode

  • Maximum speed:
    • standard, in atmosphere at 10000 m: Mach 5.8+, on account of the fuselage heat-resistance limit.
  • Ceiling : Unlimited (Capable of launching into satellite orbit without special equipment)
  • Maximum airframe design load: 30.8G (When ISC operates, the cockpit and equipment is protected from high G.)




Kawamori noted that this is the first time that a Valkyrie with this unique delta wing design variant has appeared in Macross.

Hidetaka Tenjin noted that the cockpit is not transparent.

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