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Regarding Max's ranks; I wanted to point out that the rank of Major (OF-3 in NATO standards) is inferior to Lieutenant Colonel (OF-4) and superior to Captain (OF-2); thus, there seems to be an error in the entry, which shows Max becoming a Major (OF-3) after having previously become a Colonel (OF-5). The transition Captain --> Major --> Lt. Colonel --> Colonel is not only consistent with the real world, but also with the series: Misa Hayase was promoted from 1st Lieutenant to Captain and then to Major. Unless, of course, Max was somehow demoted in Macross 7 or afterwards... Skullone 20:22, 6 May 2008 (UTC)

Two more remarks: 1) The phrase "The marriage of Max and Milia helped bring the Zentradi to the Space War I truce table and also beget seven daugthers" can lead the reader into thinking that Max and Milia's marriage helped the Zentradi beget seven daughters. It needs rephrasing in order to become clearer - i.e. to mean, without ambiguity, that Max and Milia begat those seven daughters. 2) Actually, Max did call Hikaru "sempai" at least once: an occasion I can clearly remember is in episode 27, as Max and Milia were leaving the conference room after Global and Exsedol adjourned to the bridge and just before Hikaru went and confessed his love to Minmay. Could this lead us to the conclusion that Hikaru was indeed a sempai to Max and Kakizaki? Skullone 17:13, 8 May 2008 (UTC)