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"Kawamori Shôji Design Works" : I learn that there is 2 editions of this book. The first in 2001 and a second in 2006. Does anyone know what are the differences between them ? The oldest contains a little bit more than 160 pages; the other more than 200. The covers are also very differents. Is the 2006 version just a reissue of the 2001, actualized with sketches from Aquarion for example ? or is it a sequel book concerns about productions from Macross Zero and the following ones... ?

The one printed in 2001 is the "Kawamori Shoji Macross Design Works, ISBN: 978-4-89601-512-6. This work focuses only on his work on the Macross-franchise. The one printed in 2006, "Design Works: Kawamori Shoji", ISBN: 978-4-8443-5843-5, focuses on his entire work in the animation industry. --Azrael 14:32, 5 May 2010 (UTC)