VF-11 Thunderbolt Interceptor

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Shinsei Industry VF-11C Thunderbolt Interceptor


  • Equipment Type: Variable Vehicles
  • Manufacturer: Shinsei Industries
  • Affiliation: Tachyon Express

Anthony Clemens' "Patron Saint" of VF-11s who pairs with Nicolas Francoise Berthier and part of Team Tachyon. Like the man who gained fame in the Thunderbolt class, a genuine custom Thunderbolt was carefully made.

According to his motto to contribute to the victory of the team, it is not flashy, obtaining parts was easy through any planet or fleet, and with a high operation rate, it suffered very few accidents under ideal conditions, contributing to Berthier's victories.

Design Features

The engines were replaced with the FF-3600J thermonuclear burst turbine engines for the VF-16, that were also adopted by the VF-11MAXL. Various defensive equipment is loaded onto the airframe to assist Berthier toward the flag and operation of the pin-point barrier is possible for a short time due to a special built-in battery. However, barrier-use is limited to Battroid mode and most sensors are non-operational.


  • Two Shinsei/P&W/Roice FF-3600J thermonuclear burst-turbine engines (maximum thrust in space 630 KN). Thrust reverser.
  • P&W HMM-5B high-maneuverability vernier thrusters.


ANIGRAS-GFW204 control AI, which is a high-end AI for the VF-11, and ASWG-88 FCS, which is equivalent to the VF-19's are installed for intercept operations of enemy aircraft coming close to Berthier.


  • Various equipment, Remodeling allows use of armaments for VF-19 Excalibur and VF-22 Sturmvogel II due to FCS.
  • Pin-point barrier system, limited to Battroid mode. Sensors are disabled when used.


Fighter mode

  • Maximum speed:
    • at 10,000 m: Mach 4.0+

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