VF-1X++ (Hakuna SP)

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Shinsei Frontier/L.A.I VF-1X++ (Hakuna SP)


A modified development model of the VF-1X-Plus that Shinsei Industries produced in a small number for the UN forces in 2047. Also known as the "Double Plus", improvement in strength was achieved by decreasing the weight of 75% of the materials greatly with OTM technology acquired after the first Stellar War.

Formally, the production of the VF-1 stopped in 2015, but since then, many throw-away units are used in many places, even now by the Special Forces who prefer to use it when it necessary to conceal their identities and a single modified VF-1X used for top secret operation.

The airframe that Hakuna Aoba converted uses small ELA-3000 thermonuclear turbine engines, developed by LAI originally for newer unmanned aerial combat vehicles and is comparable to AVF in propulsive force, but at the cost of output control is extremely difficult and any mistake by one step can turn the airframe into a fireball. The airframe specializes in excessive maneuverability at the same time upon further review because of the aerodynamic performance that focuses on the ventral surface of the airframe, the wing type, attitude control verniers, and more.

Of course, if one's maneuverability peaky is surpassed, normally the owner's nerves are unwilling to ride. Although it is unknown as to why Hakuna dares to like and use this bakemono, the figure of the VF-1X which he pilots stands high in splendor and beauty.

Design Features

High maneuverability.


  • Two L.A.I-produced ELA-3000 thermonuclear-burst turbine engine (maximum thrust in space 630 kN), emergency acceleration booster unit (output unknown), thrust reverser, 3D maneuvering nozzles.


SWGA Energy Converting Armor. Chaff-Flare-Smoke discharger system. Active Stealth system.


  • No Armaments.


Fighter mode

  • Maximum speed
    • at 10,000 m: Mach 4.8+
    • at 30,000+ m: Mach 19.0+ (Although acceleration of Mach 19.0+ is possible at an altitude of 30,000m or more, it reaches the heat-resistant boundary at altitudes below that.)
  • Service Ceiling : Unlimited (Capable of advancing into satellite orbit is possible with normal specifications)

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