Macross Compendium

Postlude to Space War I

AD 2010 April - AD 2012 September

AD 2010年4月ーAD2012年9月

Space War I
(2009 February 7 - 2010 March)

Establishment of new U.N. Government [new Unity Government]. Education programs for Zentradi begin. Miclone processing of Zentradi applicants begins.
Macross City reconstruction begins. [Macross City reconstruction completed.]
Mass cloning of people as well as animals and plants through the use of Protoculture technology begins.
Start of nature reclaimation project. Earth ecosystem rehabilitation begins
At the Lunar surface's Apollo Base, the half-constructed SDF-2 is renamed Megaroad-01, and construction resumes as a colonization ship. At the same time, patrols of the Solar System begin using Super Valkyries based at Apollo Base.
Surviving parts plants scattered around the space colonies and the Lunar surface's Apollo Base begin producing VF-1 Valkyries again.
New variable fighters designed from converted Valkyries begin first developmental test flights.
Repairs to Vrlitwhai Kridanik's flagship are completed, and it is recommissioned as the first battleship of the new U.N. Forces space fleet. Miclone processing rate of Zentradi exceeds 50%.
Shinnakasu and Stonewell Bellcom begin a joint project for developing the variable fighter [to be known as] VF-5000 with high maneuverability in atmosphere.
Maximilian and Milia Fallyna Jenius conceive the first stellar interracial child. She is named Komilia Maria Fallyna Jenius.
May 8
[TV Episode 29 Lonely Song]
Giant Zentradi riots begin breaking out in all parts of Earth. Patrols begin to maintain public law and order. Formation of U.N. Air Force's 723rd Tactical Fighter Wing at New Miramar Base.
Drafting of Humankind emigration project begins. Both:
1. super-long-distance colonization by means of specially-designed large colonization ships (for the chief purpose of preserving the species) and
2. close-range colonization implemented by converting old-style transport ships (to counteract Earth's population explosion and shortage of resources)
are undertaken in parallel.
Outbreak of armed resistance by Zentradi.
TV Episode 28 My Album
[Note: Further information on the time period between 2010 February 11 and 2011 October can be found in the article "[The Super Dimension Fortress Macross:] The Lost Two Years" by Shoji Kawamori on pages 60 to 68 of Macross Perfect Memory.(Michael House & Egan Loo)]
TV Episode 29 Lonely Song
TV Episode 30 Viva Maria
Operation to capture a factory satellite begins.
Factory satellite arrives at Earth.
TV Episode 31 Satan's Dolls
TV Episode 32 Broken Heart
Quamzin Kravshera's forces begin maneuvers. The Lynn Minmay hostage operation.
December 25
TV Episode 35 Romanesque
At about 0720, Quamzin Kravshera launches a strike on Onogi City to capture a reaction engine power condenser.
The aircraft development divisions of Shinnakasu Industry and Stonewell Bellcom merge to form a new company, Shinsei Industry. Its first developmental project is the VF-5000 fighter.
TV Episode 36 Fly High
Defensive Battle of Macross City.
Humankind emigration project publicly announced.
VF-4 mass production begins.
Hikaru and Misa (née Hayase) Ichijyo marry. [Note: Several dates have been offered for the Ichijyo wedding, including 2012 October 10 (Macross Guidebook), 2011 October 10 (Macross Graffiti) and 2013 June (Macross Times).]
The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Flash Back 2012
Lynn Minmay's Farewell [Sayonara] Summer Concert Tour. Minmay, now grown up, sings and records "An Angel's Paints" ["Tenshi no Enogu"].
Megaroad-01 launches as [part of] the first long-distance colonization fleet. Construction of mass-produced super-long-distance colonization ships Megaroad-02 and -03 based on the Megaroad. Hereafter, one or two super-long-distance colonization ships are constructed yearly.

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