Macross Compendium

Space War I

AD 2009 February 7 - AD 2010 March

AD 2008年2月7日ーAD 2010年3月

Prelude to Space War I
(1999 July 17 - 2009 January)

February 7
The Super Dimension Fortress Macross Vol. V: Rhapsody in Love
Macross Love
Macross's space launching ceremony. The Zentradi Army's Vrlitwhai Fleet arrives within the Solar System. During its enemy search operation for Supervision Army survivors, the fleet happened to detect traces of an Supervision Army gun destroyer's (Macross's) defold reaction from 10 light years away and came in pursuit. Macross's Main Cannon automatically fires.
Outbreak of Space War I between Earth and the Zentradi. [Note: Studio Nue had originally set these events in 2009 July 7 or 2009 October.]
The Super Dimension Fortress Macross [for Sony PlayStation 2]
Sony PlayStation 2 Game Stage P-01 Booby Trap
A pilot serves as Skull Squadron's seventh member during Space War I.
TV Episode 02 Countdown
TV Episode 03 Space Fold
Sony PlayStation 2 Game Stage P-02 Space Fold
Macross misnavigates during its fold and folds out of [the major planets' orbits of] the Solar System. It begins the return voyage to Earth by conventional space travel.
TV Episode 04 Lynn Minmay
Hikaru Ichijyo and Lynn Minmay strand themselves within Macross's holds for twelve days.
ARMD III commissioned.
City area completed aboard Macross.
TV Episode 05 Transformation
Sony PlayStation 2 Game Stage P-03 Transformation
Macross's transformation.
Rollout of MBR-04-Mk X Defender.
April 3-15
TV Episode 06 Daedalus Attack
Sony PlayStation 2 Game Stage P-04 Daedalus Attack

ARMD IV and ARMD V commissioned.
Development of MBR-04-Mk XII Phalanx begins.
ARMD VI commissioned.
October 5
TV Episode 07 Bye-Bye Mars
Sony PlayStation 2 Game Stage P-05 Bye-Bye Mars
Macross's Battle of Mars Base.
ARMD VII commissioned.
U.N. Spacy's SVMAT-102 squadron of VT-1 Valkyrie trainers assigned to ARMD-04 for three months.
October 10
Dreaming Prelude: My Fair Minmay
TV Episode 08 Longest Birthday
UN Spacy awards Hikaru Ichijyo with the Titanium Medal, promotes him from Staff Sergeant to Second Lieutenant, and assigns him to lead the Vermillion Team. Lynn Minmay celebrates her 16th birthday the week after the Battle of Mars Base.
TV Episode 09 Miss Macross
Sony PlayStation 2 Game Stage P-06 Miss Macross
Macross's onboard TV station begins broadcasting. [Note: Macross Broadcasting System holds Miss Macross Contest the week after Lynn Minmay's birthday].
November 8
TV Episode 10 The Blind Game
Sony PlayStation 2 Game Stage P-07 The Blind Game
The Skull Squadron's Vermillion Team escorts an ES-11D Cat's Eye with Misa Hayase on a reconnaissance mission while the same squadron's Purple Team escorts a second ES-11D Cat's Eye with Emma Granger.
TV Episode 11 First Contact
Four Macross crewmembers, Misa Hayase, Hikaru Ichijyo, Maximilian Jenius, and Hayao Kakizaki, become prisoners of the Zentradi; and the first contact between Earth Humans and Zentradi occurs.
Debut of singer Lynn Minmay.
TV Episode 12 The Big Escape
Sony PlayStation 2 Game Stage P-08 The Big Escape
TV Episode 13 Blue Wind
Macross returns home to Earth.
TV Episode 14 Global Report
TV Episode 15 China Town
November 24
TV Episode 16 Kung Fu Dandy
Quamzin's ship attacks Earth.
November 26
TV Episode 17 Phantasm
November 30
TV Episode 18 Pineapple Salad
Sony PlayStation 2 Game Stage P-09 Pineapple Salad
December 6-7
TV Episode 19 Burst Point
Sony PlayStation 2 Game Stage P-10 Burst Point
Destruction of North America's Ontario Autonomous Region by the bursting of Macross's omnidirectional barrier.
TV Episode 20 Paradise Lost
Macross, under orders to sortie away from Earth, leaves Earth's atmosphere again. [Note: In the film comics, Hikaru Ichijyo dates a letter "2010" before the Macross leaves Earth. However, in the actual animation, he does not date this letter -- in fact, he never finishes this letter. (Japanese letters are dated at the end.) -- EL]
Rollout of MBR-04-Mk XII Phalanx.
December 24
The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Falling Snow in the Milky Way
White Christmas
Misa Hayase and the rest of the Macross bridge crew receive Christmas Eve broadcasts from distant Earth. Lynn Minmay rehearses at the TV station studio for an upcoming Christmas variety special, "Falling Snow in the Milky Way" while guest Hikaru Ichijyo looks on. The three Zentradi Miclone spies experience their first Christmas Eve.
ARMD VIII commissioned.
TV Episode 21 Micro-Cosmos
The film Shao Pain Lo[o]n [Zhao Bai Long/Little White Dragon] screened aboard Macross.
January 10
TV Episode 22 Love Concert
TV Episode 23 Dropout
Sony PlayStation 2 Game Stage P-11 Dropout
Zentradi begin seeking refuge aboard Macross.
Alaska's Grand Cannon I completed.
January 20-21
TV Episode 24 Good-Bye Girl
January 29
TV Episode 25 Virgin Road
The first stellar marriage between the Earth Human Maximilian Jenius and the Zentradi Milia Fallyna broadcasted.
February 11
TV Episode 26 The Messenger
Peace treaty agreement concluded between Macross and Vrlitwhai Adoclass Fleet.
TV Episode 27 Love Goes Away
"[The Super Dimension Fortress Macross:] The Lost Two Years"
Sony PlayStation 2 Game Stage P-12 Love Goes Away
Boddole Main Fleet arrives within the Solar System. The Battle with Boddole Zer Main Fleet. Earth's annihilation.
VF-X-2's further development stopped due to Earth's annihilation.
1100 - 1127 Macross Standard Time: Due to the "Lynn Minmay" Operation, the U.N. Forces and Vrlitwhai Fleet annihilate Boddole Fleet and triumph.
Land battles begins.
February [March]
The Super Dimension Fortress Macross Vol. IV: Distantly Fading Memories
Macross Classic
Misa Hayase returns to her Macross bridge position. She and Hikaru Ichijyo are promoted in the U.N. Spacy to Major and Captain respectively.
Conclusion of Space [Stellar] War I. Earth atmospheric purification operation begins. A total of several hundred thousand [to approximately one million] survivors confirmed in the Grand Cannons [I,] III and V, the Lunar surface's Apollo Base, and the space colony clusters [bunches].
March 3
Misa Hayase celebrates her 20th birthday with Claudia La Salle, Bruno J. Global, Maximilian and Milia Jenius, Vanessa Laird, Shammy Milliome, Kim Kabirov, and Hikaru Ichijyo.

Postlude to Space War I
(2010 April - 2012 September)


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