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Notes of Little Note

"Aztra," "Bellcom," "Bifors," "Centinental," "Chrauler," "Daimler," "Erlikon," "Galland," "General Titanic," "Glamor," "GN," "Hecklel & Koch," "Howard," "Kransmann," "Kranss-Maffai," "Kyuusei," "Lockhee," "LVT," "McNell Douglar," "Marty & Beck," "Mauler," "Messer," "Mikolev," "Northrom," "Raitheon," "Ramington," "Roice," "Shinnakasu" ("New Central State"), "Siokorvsky," "Stonewell," "Viggers," and other such vaguely familiar-sounding names are not misspellings of actual company names, but names deliberately given by the original Macross creators. Any similarities to Astra, Bell, Bofors, Continental, Chrysler, Daimler-Benz, Oerlikon, Gallant (or Leyland), General Dynamics, Grumman, GM, Heckler & Koch, Hughes, Wegmann, Krauss-Maffei, Kyuushuu, Lockheed, LTV, McDonnell Douglas, Martin-Baker, Mauser, Messerschmitt, Mikoyan (or Yakovlev), Northrop, Raytheon, Remington, Rolls-Royce, Nakajima [Central Island] (or Kyuushuu [Nine State]; Nakajima was absorbed into Fuji), Sikorsky, Rockwell, Vickers, and other such corporate entities are probably better left unexplained. Several original Macross sources such as Macross Perfect Memory have listed "P&H" as a co-manufacturer of variable fighter engines, but more recent material have revised this as "P&W." Pratt & Whitney is not specifically mentioned, but one must always draw one's own conclusions. On the other hand, the names of Shinsei ("New Star" or "Nova") Industry and General Galaxy are not direct references to present-day companies. The author has never run Origin's Wing Commander, but is also not surprised that someone else has "flattered" Jane's Information Group's excellent references. On a related note, anyone who thinks "manoeuvrability" and "programme" are misspellings ought to consult Prince Charles on his opinion of the Queen's English.