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Komilia Maria Fallyna Jenius
Baby with short blue-green hair
Just by being born, Komilia proved how related the Humans and Zentradi are. The "first stellar interracial child" turns out to be quite an unabashed baby, resilient to Milia's unexperienced handling and playful with Max's hair. She plays a role in the U.N.' capture of a factory satellite in 2011 November.
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 2011 March
Address: Macross City

Debut: TV Episode 28

Maximilian Jenius (16 years old)
Pilot with medium-length blue hair and tinted glasses
Maximilian is simply without equal in the Battroid cockpit. Even without the tutelage of a sempai that Hikaru had, he rapidly rises in the ranks and eventually leads his own squadron. His unusually deep voice is a great asset in his "girl hunt," although he will find his match only in the form of a Zentradi ace pilot. The marriage of Max and Milia help bring the Zentradi to the Space War I truce table and also beget seven daugthers. After Space War I, he led the Dancing Skull special forces team with Milia. He later captains a variety of U.N. Spacy ships until eventually commanding the Macross 7 colonization fleet.
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Europe
Blood Type: AB
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 61 kg
Family Status: Married 2010 January
Address: Europe; SDF-1 Macross; Macross City; Algenicus; Haruna; Red Moon; New Macross 7, Battle 7
Occupation: Fighter Pilot; Ship Captain
Affiliation: UN Spacy
Rank: Sergeant; Second Lieutenant; First Lieutenant, Captain, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Major
Assignment: SDF-1 Macross, Skull Squadron; Algenicus, Dancing Skull; Haruna; Red Moon; New Macross 7, Battle 7
Project Team: Vermillion Team
License: Flight License

Debut: TV Episode 8
Other appearances: Movie, Seven
Voice (Japanese): Show Hayami
Voice (English, 2006): Chris Patton
Movie statistics:
Age: 18 years old
Assignment: SDF-1 Macross, Skull Team
Production Notes: According to Haruhiko Mikimoto, Max looks so young in 2045 "because he's a genius. Growing old is a state of mind for average men. (laughs)"
Primary sources: First Macross, 7, 7 LD/VHS Super Dread Note 1 liner note

Milia Fallyna Jenius (15 years old)
Woman with long green hair and green eyes
She is renown as the "Zentradi ace Milia" even among her male counterparts, and respected for her prowess in her powered suit. Quamzin's talk and her own desire for challenge goad her into seeking out an enemy ace pilot perhaps equal to her. This search gradually becomes an obsession as she requests to be inserted in the Macross as a spy, with the ulterior motive of confronting Max Jenius. After an unusual courtship, the two marry and have seven daughters. After Space War I, she led the Dancing Skull special forces team with Max. She also helmed the Eagle Nest Aerial Tactics Center as "Eagle Mother" before being elected mayor of Macross 7's City 7.
Gender: Female
Lineage: Zentradi
Birthplace: Zentradi Clone Synthesis System
Blood Type: BZ
Height: 855 cm
Height: 171 cm (Miclone)
Weight: 6250 kg
Weight: 50 kg (Miclone)
Measurements (cm): 415-290-420
Measurements (cm): 83-58-84 (Miclone)
Family Status: Married 2010 January
Address: SDF-1 Macross; Macross City; Algenicus; Eagle Nest Aerial Tactics Center; Red Moon; New Macross 7, City 7
Occupation: Powered Suit Pilot; Fighter Pilot; Test Pilot; Ship Second-in-Command; Mayor
Affiliation: Zentradi; UN Spacy; City 7
Rank: Second Lieutenant; First Lieutenant, Captain
Assignment: Laplamiz Fleet; SDF-1 Macross, Skull Squadron; Algenicus, Dancing Skull; Eagle Nest Aerial Tactics Center; Red Moon; New Macross 7, Battle 7
License: Flight License

Debut: TV Episode 12
Other appearances: Movie, Seven
Voice (Japanese): Eri Takeda<
Voice (English, 2006): Luci Christian
Movie statistics: Name: Milia 639
Affiliation: Meltlandi
Mylene Flare Jenius (14 years old)
Teenaged singer with pink waist-length hair and green eyes
Driven by family disagreements, Mylene leaves her parent's home on the Macross 7 fleet and joins the Fire Bomber band. Although she harbors a sprite-like, independent streak, she's always worried about pleasing the all-important "kyaku-sama" (their concert fans).
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 2031 February 2
Birthplace: Space carrier Red Moon in flight near the Eta Carina Nebula
Lineage: Human-Zentradi
Blood type: Bc ("c" is a Zentradi Miclone blood type)
Height: 153.3 cm
Measurements (cm): 78-52-82
Family Status: Unmarried, informally engaged to Gamlin Kizaki
Address: Hotel des Sacres, City 7, Macross 7
Occupation: Musician
Affiliation: Fire Bomber; UN Spacy, Sound Force
Interests: Galaxy Drive, syncronized swimming, fencing
Favorite Food: Katsu-don (fried pork cutlet on rice bowl), pizza, mango pudding
Favorite Artist: Alice Holiday
Special Ability: Able to communicate emotively with Guvava, an extraterrestrial long-haired mouse. Her rapport with the mole is perfect.
Occupation: Band player
Instrument: Bass Guitar

Debut: Seven Ep. 1
Voice: Tomo Sakurai

Moaramia Jifon (Moaramia Fallyna Jenius) (6 years old)
Zentradi girl with short purple hair
Moaramia was trained almost from birth to pilot the Variable Glaug and to devote her entire life to combat. In fact, she called herself the "Zentradi Fighting Star." Maximilian and Milia Jenius encounter this girl when she attacks their Dancing Skull special forces team at the New Nile weaponry base. Max and Milia later adopt her as a (Micloned) daughter into her teenager years. She enlists with the Dancing Skull under her new radio callsign "Purple Skull."
Gender: Female
Lineage: Zentradi
Occupation: Test Pilot; Fighter Pilot
Affiliation: Zentradi, UN Spacy
Rank: Second Lieutenant
Assignment: Cristrania, New Nile Weaponry Base; Algenicus, Dancing Skull

Debut: Macross M3
Voice: Tomoe Hanba

Michael Johnson

Millard Johnson (52 years old)
Mustached officer with crewcut and sunglasses
The colonel oversees the VF-X developmental test flight program at New Edwards Air Force Base (a battle injury relegated this former pilot to desk duty). Wielding his trademark cane whip, he supervises the prototype test trials between the YF-19 and the YF-21 fighters.
Gender: Male
Occupation: Developmental program supervisor
Affiliation: UN Air Force
Rank: Colonel
Assignment: New Edwards Air Force Base

Debut: Plus Vol. 1
Voice: Kenji Utsumi

Eddie Juutilainen

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