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Kim Kabirov (18 [19] years old)
Bridge operator with short black hair
Gender: Female
Birthplace: South Asia Federation
Blood Type: A
Height: 164 cm [158 kg]
Weight: 49 kg [47 kg]
Measurements (cm): 80-59-85 [80-57-82]
Family Status: Single 2046
Address: South Asia Federation; SDF-1 Macross; Macross City; Eden, Officers' Housing
Occupation: Ship Administration, Level One Operator
Affiliation: UN Spacy
Rank: First Lieutenant
Assignment: SDF-1 Macross, Bridge

Debut: TV Episode 1
Other appearances: Movie
Voice (Japanese): Hiromi Tsuru
Voice (English, 2006): Kira Vincent Davis
Preliminary production name: Non
Movie statistics:
Age: 21 years old
Hayao Kakizaki (17 years old)
Tall husky pilot with short mussy brown hair
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Japan
Lineage: Japanese
Height: 207 cm
Weight: 140 kg
Address: Japan; SDF-1 Macross;
Occupation: Fighter Pilot
Affiliation: UN Spacy
Rank: Sergeant; Second Lieutenant
Assignment: SDF-1 Macross, Skull Squadron
Project Team: Vermillion Team
License: Flight License

Debut: TV Episode 1
Other appearances: Movie
Voice (Japanese): Katsumi Suzuki
Voice (English, 2006): Jason Douglas
Movie statistics:
Age: 23 years old
Assignment: SDF-1 Macross, Skull Team



Gamlin/Gamrin Kizaki

Quamzin Kravshera
Voice (Japanese): Kousuke Meguro
Voice (English, 2006): Illich Guardiola

Vrlitwhai Kridanik (34 years old)
Zentradi fleet commander
Vrlitwhai Kridanik was fulfilling his mission of searching for Supervision Army survivors when he encountered the ship Macross and the Humans who rebuilt it on 2009 February 7. In the resulting Space War I, he pursued the ship relentlessly, even as his orders changed with every new revelation on the Humans. His split from the Zentradi's Boddole Zer Fleet and peace treaty with Earth's U.N. helped the allied forces win the war in 2010 February 11. In the aftermath of Space War I, he helped capture a Zentradi factory satellite for the new U.N. in 2011 October. The U.N. later appointed him commander of the U.N. Spacy in 2016. As a commander type Zentradi, he possesses greater strength and endurance than the other two types, as well as the ability to survive short periods in space.
Gender: Male
Lineage: Zentradi
Birthplace: Zentradi Clone Synthesis System
Height: 1354 [1130] cm
Weight: 16750 kg
Address: Nupetiet-Vergnitzs V VI III I, Vrlitwhai Fleet
Occupation: Fleet commander
Affiliation: Zentradi, U.N. Spacy
Assignment: Golg Main Fleet, 118th Boddole Zer Main Fleet, 67th Glruimual Class Division Vrlitwhai Branch Fleet; U.N. Spacy Command

Debut: TV Episode 1
Other appearances: Movie
Voice (Japanese): Eiji Kanie
Voice (English, 2006): John Gremillion
Voice (Sony PlayStation 2 game): Ryuuzaburoh Ohtomo

Shin Kudo

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