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Kenichi Machizaki

Lucy Macmillan (21 years old)
Young researcher with long blond hair and freckles
She was tapped to work on the research staff which developed the YF-19. Once on the team, she is drawn romantically towards the newly-assigned test pilot, Isamu. Unfortunately, this attraction entangles her in the fated reunion between Isamu, Guld, and Myun.
Gender: Female
Lineage: Caucasian
Occupation: Operator
Affiliation: UN Spacy
Project Team: Super Nova AVF, YF-19 Team

Debut: Plus Vol. 1
Voice: Megumi Hayashibara (Singer on "SpHERE" -- hint-hint. =) )


Reymond Marley
Bearded man with sunglasses and ponytail
A leader in the Sharon Galaxy Tour
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Macross Consortium
Project Team: Media Department, Product Management Division, Sharon Apple Project
Occupation: Director

Debut: Plus Vol. 1
Voice: Banjou Ginga

Kate Masseau (née Barie)
Black woman with short curly hair
A high school friend of the main characters who remained on Eden.
Gender: Female
Lineage: Jamaican
Family Status: Married to Morgan Masseau, two children

Debut: Plus Vol. 2
Voice: Urara Takano (Macross 7's Veffidas and Akiko)

Morgan Masseau
Rotund man with glasses and two kids
Another high school friend who married Kate and had two children.
Gender: Male
Family Status: Married to Kate, two children

Debut: Plus Vol. 2
Voice: Yuusaku Yara

Haruaki Matsuki


Jamis Merin (25 years old)
Actress and Miss Macross Contest contestant
Gender: Female
Birthplace: America
Blood Type: AB
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Measurements (cm): 90-60-90
Address: America; SDF-1 Macross
Occupation: Hollywood and Macross movie actress (played villain in Little White Dragon)

Debut: TV Episode 9
Voice: Atsuko Yoneyama

Miho Miho (23 years old)
Woman with brown hair pulled back by pink ribbon
Right forward bridge operator assigned to coordinating Battroids during battle. Gabby off duty and often seen on Kinryuu's shoulder.
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 2022 March 31
Birthplace: White Flora satellite city in Jupiter orbit
Blood Type: A
Height: 156 cm
Measurements (cm): 83-60-85
Education: UN Spacy Officers' Academy
Address: Macross 07 Fleet
Occupation: Bridge Operator
Affiliation: UN Spacy
Assignment: Macross 07 Fleet, Macross 7, Battle 7 Bridge
Interest: Stamp Collecting
Special Ability: Cooking, graphic pen penmanship (third level), signal interpretation
Favorite Foods: Rare cheese cake, banana

Debut: 7 Episode 1
Voice: Rio Natsuki

Shammy Milliome (18 years old)
Short operator with short orange hair
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Finland
Blood Type: O
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Measurements (cm): 81-61-86
Family Status: Married
Address: Finland; SDF-1 Macross; Macross City; Apollo Base Colony, Moon
Occupation: Communications, substitute air group tactical officer, Level 1 Operator
Affiliation: UN Spacy
Rank: First Lieutenant
Assignment: SDF-1 Macross, Bridge

Debut: TV Episode 1
Other appearances: Movie
Voice (Japanese): Miyuki Muroi
Voice (English, 2006): Hilary Haag
Preliminary production name: Kumi
Movie statistics:
Age: 19 years old
Haruka Mizuhara

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