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Warera Nantes
ワレラ・ナンテス Gender: Male
Lineage: Zentradi
Occupation: Spy
Affiliation: Zentradi, U.N. Spacy
Assignment: Golg Main Fleet; U.N. Spacy Command

Debut: TV
Other appearances: Movie
Voice (Japanese): Katsumi Suzuki
Voice (English, 2006): Mark Laskowski

Basara Nekki

Yang Neumann (16 years old)
Teenage prodigy with hexagonal glasses and large nose
YF-19 development staff's chief engineer, hacker, and "genius scientist participating in military weapons development"
Gender: Male
Lineage: Chinese-German
Occupation: Developer
Affiliation: Shinsei Industry, Inc.
Project Team: Super Nova AVF, YF-19 Team
Sharon Apple Fan Club member number: HAK0000001

Debut: Plus Vol. 1
Voice: Tomohiro Nishimura (Macross 7's Gigile)

Mao Nome

Sara Nome

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