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  • First year of the New Era calender (New Era 0001). Miku Ichijyo born to Hikaru and Misa Ichijyo.
  • VF-5's first flight.
  • Launch of the SDFN-series warship begins.
  • First Lieutenant Timoshie Daldanton assigned as captain of the Planet Eden Emigration Fleet’s Defense Squadron after the discovery of Eden.


  • Launches begin for one close-range emigration fleet after another. (Macross History version 2008) (The main objective is the search and colonization of planets within 100 light years of the Solar System.)


  • An inhabitable planet is discovered 11.7 light years from the Solar System in the Groombridge 1816 Star System. It is named "Eden" and emigration begins. (Macross History version 2008)

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