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This article is written from the Real World point of view.

The Macross History is an evolving production document that records the fictional history of the Macross universe.

(as a "historical" movie based on Space War I, Do You Remember Love?)


The Macross creators at Studio Nue informally started the history during the pre-production of the first Macross series, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross. Magazines published portions of it during the 1982-1983 release of this series, and Minori's Macross Perfect Memory book published a full version of the chronology, as written by Macross co-creator Shoji Kawamori, in 1984.

In 1994, Kawamori and setting collaborator Masahiro Chiba made a major revision of this history which eventually found publication in several pamphlets, magazines, and books of the time. It was also included in "Macross: A Future Chronicle" video extra in the first volume of Macross Plus. As the only non-Studio-Nue anime work, Macross II was set in a parallel world from the other anime projects. There have been several minor updates since then, including the "Very Detailed! Macross Universe History Chronology Ver.02.1" which was published in 1999 before Macross Zero. The chronology on the Macross Compendium has been further updated with material created since 1999, particularly with information for Macross Frontier.

Kawamori based the first full version of the chronology on pre-production notes that initially indicated a July or October start for Space War I, but he established the date as February 2009 for this book and thereafter. Almost all the entries from Kawamori's first chronology over two decades ago still remain intact in the later ones. The main changes that Kawamori and Chiba made to previous entries were updates to reflect changes in the real world; for example, "Russia" and "St. Petersburg" replaced "Soviet Union" and "Leningrad." These changes are noted in brackets and italics in the chronology on the Macross Compendium.