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  • Suzie Newtlet is assigned as platoon leader of the Rose Galaxy Sector scouting unit. Shortly after, she becomes company commander. Half a year later she is demoted as platoon leader.
  • Release of Fire Bomber's album "Ultra Fire".
  • In autumn, publication of "M-Style more vol.7".


  • Fire Bomber American responds to an interview during an in-studio practice session.

February 21
Macross English Anticipation Manga

  • Fire Bomber learns about the English Fire!! album release from the Fire Bomber American cover band.


  • Fire Bomber American's English Fire!! album gains widespread popularity.

Macross Generation

  • Aboard the super-long-distance emigration Macross 9 fleet, aspiring idol singer Passero and her friend Liza pass auditions to participate in the "Lynn Minmay Story" musical under the eyes of the idol Canari Minmay, but Passero is in trouble and encounters Wolf, an assassin on the run from the Mafia, and Rafale, a Cosmo Bike Racer.


  • Release of Fire Bomber's fourth album "Dynamite Fire".

Macross Dynamite 7: Mylene Beat

  • Mylene Jenius ponders independence by starting her own act and gig aboard the Macross 7.

Macross Dynamite 7

  • Basara Nekki journeys across the galaxy alone.
  • Basara Nekki embroils himself in a conflict between Galactic Whale poachers and the patrol force on planet Zola.


  • Release of "Radio Fire" album.

July 23
Macross Digital Mission VF-X

  • 1920 Earth Standard Time: The idol singer group Milky Dolls are captured during a concert and taken to an abandoned colony planet.


  • Leading Protoculture researcher, Dr. Mao Nome, publishes paper "Management and Prevention of V-type Infection" with joint-researchers Ranshe Mei and Grace O'Connor, in Cosmos Nature academic journal.

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