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  • VF-171 Nightmare Plus' first flight.
  • Timoshie Daldanton is found to be part of the terrorist organization, Black Rainbow.
  • Aegis Focker is promoted to First Lieutenant and captain of the New Anderson base's VFF.
  • Suzie Newtlet passes the examination of the U.N.Spacy Air Force School and gains the first rank because of her skill.
  • Macross 7 fleet encounters a lost Zentradi [Meltran] fleet led by Chlore. U.N. Forces triggers "Minmay Attack".
  • Publication of "Macross 7 Variable Fighter Show - Valkyrie Festival 2046 - Official Pamphlet".

Macross 7

  • Macross 7 Trash
    • The war with the mysterious Varauta Army continues. 27-year-old First Lieutenant Mahara retires from active duty in the U.N. Spacy and crosses paths with 17-year-old Shiba Midou at a rather opportune moment.
  • Episode 42 Desperate Capture Operation
    • Protodeviln capture operation by Sound Barrier.
  • Macross 7 the Movie: The Galaxy's Calling Me!
    • Basara folds to a planet inhabited by U.N. colonists and encounters an unknown mecha.

February 2

  • Episode 43 Separated From Others
    • Mylene Flare Jenius celebrates her 15th birthday.


  • Operation Stargazer. Formation of "Ice Planet" special attack force and attack operation undertaken.
  • Episode 44 Nightmarish Invasion
    • Attack by Captain Max in VF-22S. Mayor Milia becomes acting captain of Battle 7.
  • Episode 45 Ambitious Fourth Planet
  • Episode 46 Gamlin's Rebellion
    • Awakening of Protodevilns Zomd and Goram.
  • Episode 47 Basara Dies
    • Engagement of Dr. Chiba and bridge operator Kim Saintlaurent.
    • Deprived of Spritia by Sivil, Basara goes into critical condition .
  • Episode 48 Mylene's Tears
    • The final battle against Geperuniti. Use of Sound Buster in actual combat
  • Episode 49 Singing Voice Echoing Through the Galaxy
    • Revival of Basara Nekki.
    • Conclusion of Protodeviln War.
    • The Protodeviln evolve into a Spritia self-regenerating race with Basara Nekki's singing as the catalyst. The surviving Protodeviln leave by going across the universe. (Macross Universe History Chronology Ver.02.1)



  • Release of Fire Bomber's third album "Accoustic Fire!!".


  • Release of "Galaxy Network Chart Vol.2".

Macross 7: English Fire!!

  • Fire Bomber American releases its first album on an indies label.
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