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General Galaxy VF-171



  • Manufacturer: General Galaxy
  • Government: New U.N. Spacy

The VF-171 is the main variable fighter used by the New U.N. Spacy in 2059. The VF-171 which first flew in 2046, is widely deployed as the main force VF of the New UN Forces in the 2050's.General Galaxy developed it from the VF-17 Nightmare as a multipurpose heavy variable fighter. It is used aboard the Macross Frontier fleet as a manned variable fighter/bomber. Even average pilots can pilot it in multiple roles well. Since the VF-17 Nightmare proved difficult to mass-manufacture, the VF-171 has been comparatively downgraded. However, it also received various improvements and modifications to extend the unit's service including improved aerodynamic characteristics and enhanced maneuverability. Defensive capabilities were also strengthened. Its low cost, ease of piloting, and variety of optional equipment have made it highly versatile and cost-effective in the long-run.

What the VF-171 aimed for wasn't merely high-performance, but the improvement of control which was the fault of the original craft, by adopting high-reliability, low-output engines and updating the control system avionics greatly reduces the pilot's burden so that it became an airframe that treated even average pilots easily. Perceiving these improvements as well as de-tuning, carrying over the durability and payload of the original craft, the final production model at the end of the 2050's equipped with the 3rd generation model of active stealth system, and the composite performance, surpasses the original VF-17.

Although the VF-171 had both balanced performance and outstanding maneuverability, it was unable to oppose the Vajra, who had astounding abilities. The VF-171EX's airframe was improved upon to overcome this situation. This unit gained performance to fight equally with the Vajra through the introduction of EX-Gears, anti-Vajra armaments, improved avionics and engines. However, because it was tuned to the airframe's design strength limit, the airframe became difficult to handle, even with the adoption of EX-Gears. This unit was produced by the Macross Frontier fleet who entered into a conflict with the Vajra and brought results in the battle at the Vajra homeworld [mother world] at the final phase of the conflict, where it played an active role. This unit was seen before and after the Macross Quarter-Desertion Incident but since the production numbers were limited, priority was given to elite VF-171 pilots.


  • VF-171: Normal version.
  • VB-171: Fighter-Bomber version.
  • RVF-171: Early-warning, reconnaissance patrol version that is equipped with a radome.
  • VF-171EX: Anti-Vajra version with strengthened output, equipment improvements, strengthened armor, adoption of EX-Gear, enhanced engines, and MDE armaments. Modified jointly by General Galaxy and L.A.I for the Macross Frontier fleet.
  • RVF-171EX: Electronic-warfare version equipped with AP-SF-01+ Aegis pack and radome based on the RVF-171 and RVF-25.
  • Note: Other variants such as a sniper rifle-equipped craft, electronic warfare, considered to be a RVF-system, and unmanned fighter command-type also exist.

Design Features

Extended nose and trailing edge on main wing compared to VF-17. Increased canopy field-of-view and redesigned leg improves aerodynamic characteristics compared to VF-17. Pin-point barrier system as standard equipment. Active stealth ability improved due to more interception missions. General performance enhancements in output and avionics with additional equipment stations on the forearms (VF-171EX). EX-Gear adopted for the officially for the first time by the New UN Forces in VF-171EX. Additionally, by adopting the EX-Gear system, it is said that, considering the data, to reduce traditional training period by 30%. VF-171EX uses VF-19's FF-2550F engine for improved mobility performance, gaining performance superior to the VF-17 and VF-171. However, ISC (Inertia Store converter) was not introduced since the basic design of the VF-171 doesn't support it, high maneuverability can not be attained like an ISC-equipped vehicle. SWAG/RA155EX energy converting armor in VF-171EX has about a 20% improvement in armor strength compared to VF-171. Output is greatly increased due being equipped with VF-19-class thermonuclear turbine engines (VF-171EX). Improved maneuverability and strengthened G-resistance due to EX-Gear (VF-171EX).


  • Two Shinnakasu/P&W/Royce FF-2110A thermonuclear turbine engine (initial type) (maximum thrust of 445.9 kN). (VF-171)
  • Two 67.5t (maximum thrust in space) Shinnakasu/P&W/Royce FF-2550F thermonuclear turbine engine. (VF-171EX)
  • P&W HMM-6B maneuverability verniers (VF-171EX)
  • Additional booster rocket engines on leg armor parts. (VF-171EX)
  • Two fold boosters can be equipped for long-range reconnaissance (RVF-171)
  • L.A.I.-manufactured super fold booster can be mounted on wing hard points. (VF-171EX)


SWAG/RA155 SWAG Energy Conversion Armor System; SWAG/RA155EX in VF-171EX. Current production models in 2059 use ASS/PS 155 3rd-generation Active Stealth System (same grade as VF-19's). Flare and Chaff Dispenser System. VF-171EX incorporates EX-Gear control system. Large radome and ventral-mounted antenna (RVF-171, RVF-171EX). Aegis pack AP-SF-01+ and Ghost guidance system (RVF-171EX). Improved ECCM performance and changed enemy-tracking radar AA/AS/SF-06 unified sensor matrix (Same type as VF-25's) (VF171EX).


  • Two Mauler REB-22 beam cannons
  • Two Erikon AAB-7B beam cannons
  • One Howard GU-14B gun pod OR General Galaxy MC-17C gun pod, for use in Battroid mode.
  • Two Bifors BML-02S Micro-missile launchers in main fuselage near the wing leading root in Fighter mode.
  • Six under-wing hard points for additional armaments and missile pods. Capable of mounting 2 reaction missiles.
  • Pin-point barrier system.
  • Ordnance container loading system located in engine nacelle unit.


  • Two Bifors AMG-30 30 mm Heavy Machine gun (using enhanced armor-piercing ammunition).
  • Two Erikon AAB-9A beam cannons.
  • One Howard GU-14B Custom gatling gun pod, stored in the leg.
    • Shinsei Industry/L.A.I. Co. Macross Frontier Arsenal AVPAGC/MEDC30-EX-A Anti-Vajra MDE anti-gravity particle cannon/30mm MDE Vulcan matrix (possible to be operated hand-held in Battroid mode).
  • Two Bifors BML-02S internal Micro-missile launchers in main fuselage near the wing leading root in Fighter mode.
  • Six under-wing hard points for two sets of Bifors AAMM-05D TV/Infared/radar-guided Medium-Range Anti-Air Missile, Sentinal FXA-60A High Speed Armor-piercing Rockets in 6-tube rocket pod, and L.A.I./AAMS-02A Short Range, Infared-guided High Maneuverability Anti-Air Missile triple ejector rack.
  • Sentinal AVM-11R Anti-Carrier-use large anti-ship missiles (equipped with reaction warhead) 4-shot rack mounted, mounted on the left arm in Battroid mode. Armored missile canister can be used as a shield by expanding pin-point barrier.
  • Pin-point barrier system.

Note: Beam gun pod and MDE-specification warheads developed by L.A.I.. Gatling gun pod and micro-missile launchers are equipped with MDE-specification warheads (VF-171EX).

Optional Armament

  • AAS-171 EX Armored pack available for team leaders (VF-171EX). Energy converting armored protector mounted on leg sections

Dimensions, External

Fighter mode:

  • Length overall:
    • 15.65m (VF-171)
    • 15.52m (VF-171EX)

Masses and Loadings

  • Mass empty:
    • 12,150 kg (VF-171)
    • 12,950 kg (VF-171EX)


Fighter Mode

  • Cruising speed
    • standard in atmosphere at 10000 m:
      • Mach 3.5+ (VF-171)
      • Mach 4.3+ (VF-171EX)
  • Max Cruising speed
    • at 30,000+ m: Mach 21+ (VF-171, VF-171EX)




According to Kawamori, the VF-171 appears as the standard main variable fighter in the 2059 timeframe of Macross Frontier because the previously designated U.N. Spacy main variable fighter, the VF-19 Excalibur, looks too much like a "hero" unit for the role. He also wanted a fighter that was clearly distinguishable from the hero unit of the series, the VF-25.

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