Feious Valkyrie

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Feious Valkyrie


  • Type: all-regime variable fighter, two confirmed modes (Fighter and Battroid).
  • Equipment Type: Variable Vehicles
  • Government: Zentradi
  • Codename (UN): Enemy Valkyrie, EVA, Zentradi Variable Device

In 2030 November, several Zentradi elements revolted on Earth, culminating in the Second [Defensive] Battle of Macross City. During these incidents, former Zentradi soldiers (which had earlier deserted the 63254109th Zentradi Outer Space Army) captured a VF-X-11 equipped with a fold booster. Thereafter, UN pilots began reporting sightings of a previously unknown variable combat device. This device, which they codenamed "Enemy Valkyrie" or "EVA" (pronounced "i-va"), shocked the United Nations Forces with its speed, power, and transformability. It incorporated the UN Forces' variable fighter technology with the Zentradi Army's powered suit technology, and its capabilities appear to approach, if not exceed, those of the UN's VF-19 and VF-22. This was also the personal mecha of the Black Rainbow terrorist organization leader, Timoshie Daldanton.

Design Features

Stealth fighter-mode design. Exhaust vents take into account of tracking by heat dissipation.


  • Unknown.
  • Vernier(s) unknown.


The variable device appears to incorporate an enhanced developmental version of Queadluun-Rau's systems.


  • Beam gun
  • missiles

Dimensions, External

Fighter mode:

  • Wing span: 14.83m
  • Length overall: 16.25m
  • Height overall: 4.21 m

Masses and Loadings

  • Mass empty: 13,560 kg


Fighter Mode

  • Maximum level speed
    • at 10,000 m: Mach 6.8+
    • at 30,000 m: Mach 26+