SV-52γ Oryol

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Sukhoi/Israel Aviation Arsenal/Dornier SV-52γ Oryol


  • Manufacturer: Sukhoi/Israel Aviation Arsenal/Dornier
  • Equipment Type: Variable vehicles
  • Team: Vistula & Oder

The SV-51 was the first operational combat variable-fighter in history, developed by the Anti-Unification forces.

The SV-52, which is the model that is equipped with thermonuclear turbine engines, is the masterpiece machine which was developed by the Anti-Unification forces for combat with the Zentradi and counterpart to the VF-1, disappeared in the shadow of history.

With special wings, like bird wings which change form, and high-maneuverability canards, it has high-speed performance in fighter combined with low-altitude GERWALK. But compared to the VF-1, which was born at the same time, it is almost double in size and combined with increased weight, it was burdened with a fatal weakness as a fighter plane.

Although the SV-52 was mostly lost during the first Great Interstellar War, several were maintained in shelters in Russia, Ukraine and Poland. The airframe that Magdalena Zielonaska is using was a restored airframe at the time. Since there is little data, the frame's appearance is closer to the SV-51γ than the SV-52. Therefore, it is accurate to say that it is a "Customized Valkyrie of unknown origin produced to imitate the SV-52".

Although the cockpit, airframe, and others used as many of the original parts as possible, the airframe which was design with extra space is improved by new technologies. And by exchanging the engines with the thermonuclear burst-turbine engines used and originally for the VF-17D, its performance has improved comparable to the VF-171 Nightmare Plus.


  • SV-52γ

Flying Controls

Canard wings.


  • Two Shinnakasu/P&W/Roice FF-2010 thermonuclear burst-turbine engines (in space, maximum thrust of 588 KN x2). Small thermonuclear thruster for vertical climb. Thrust reverser.


SWGA Energy Converting Armor. Chaff-Flare-Smoke discharger system. Head sensor uses transparent material which is assumed to have a sensor strengthened for race-use.


  • No Armaments.


Fighter mode

  • Maximum speed
    • at 10,000 m: Mach 4.8+
    • at 30,000+ m: Mach 21.0+ (Although acceleration of Mach 21.0+ is possible at an altitude of 30,000m or more, it reaches the heat-resistant boundary at altitudes below that.)
  • Service Ceiling : Unlimited (Capable of advancing into satellite orbit is possible with normal specifications)

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