Variable Glaug (Variable Graug)

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Variable Glaug (Variable Graug)


  • Type: Variable one-man tactical pod.
  • Equipment Type: Variable Vehicles
  • Manufacturer:
  • Government: Zentradi
  • Customers: Zentradi

Developed at the New Nile weaponry base as a modified variant of the Roiquonmi Glaug. Piloted by Moaramia Jifon during development and testing. Used as the basis for the United Nations variants such as the Miclone-piloted Variable Glaug and unmanned Neo Glaug after the United Nations assault on New Nile facility in 2018.

Design Features

Three variable modes (Battroid, GERWALK, fighter).


Cockpit for one giant Zentradi child pilot. Non-transparent canopy.



  • Debut: Macross M3


Design inspiration: Neo Glaug, Roiquonmi Glaug

Shoji Kawamori initially developed the Neo Glaug for Shoeisha's Macross Plus Game Edition for the Sony PlayStation from the original Roiquonmi Glaug of the first Macross series. Kawamori then extrapolated backwards from his Neo Glaug design to create the Zentradi and United Nations versions of the Variable Glaug.

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