Neo Glaug

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Neo Glaug


Airframe based on the Zentradi Army's Glaug which was collected by the UN then studied and modified with Earth technology after Space War I. It is an unmanned aircraft using AI that is controlled by Sharon Apple, like the Ghost X-9, that attacks the YF-19 before it reached Macross City.

Design Features

Two variable modes (GERWALK, fighter). GERWALK silhouette similar to Glaug. Unlike the Glaug, which required a booster for aerial combat, introduction of variable mechanism of a VF solved this problem.



  • Debut: Macross Plus Game Edition


Shoji Kawamori initially developed the Neo Glaug for Shoeisha's Macross Plus Game Edition for the Sony PlayStation from the original Roiquonmi Glaug of the first Macross series. Kawamori then extrapolated backwards from his Neo Glaug design to create the Zentradi and United Nations versions of the Variable Glaug.

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