VBP-1/VA-110 Neo Glaug

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Macross Konzern/General Galaxy/New Nile Weapons Factory VBP-1/VA-110 Neo Glaug


  • Designer: Macross Concern/General Galaxy/New Nile Weapons Factory
  • Manufacturer: Protodeviln Automatic Arsenal Factory
  • Equipment Type: Variable Battle Pod
  • Affiliation: True Earth Fleet "FASCES"

EVA (Enemy VAlkyrie hostile variable fighter) developed by Earth technology was lost during the latter half of the 2010s flowed to the Zentradi. While taking the design of the VF-4 Lightning III and such, the Macross Concern completed this fighter would have marked the revival of the Glaug.

This unit was developed as one of the candidates to the AVF plan, high-maneuverability inherited from the Glaug, many armaments, the acceleration power in fighter mode, pin-point barrier in Battroid mode, powerful SWGA, excellent performance and dog-fighting capability, but conceded to the VF-19 Excalibur and VF-22 Sturmvogel II, gaining popularity as a powerful heavy attack fighter for Zentradi soldiers. It has outstanding electronic warfare functions and can control of 2 QF-3000E Ghost or QF-4000 Ghost. However, due to the high-performance compensation, the cockpit body is very narrow for Zentradi, if they do not have a smaller Meltrandi physique, and the actual specifications do not indicate whether it can be pulled out from the airframe. Although the airframe for miclones is adopted as the VA-110, the design designates a Zentradi body function feedback as a prerequisite, it is hard to say if the full the combat capabilities of the Neo-Glaug can be reproduced.

Most units deployed by "FASCES" are preferentially deployed to Naresuan-adored Zentradi soldiers

Design Features

Pin-point barrier system in Battroid mode.


  • Roiquonmi/General Galaxy thermonuclear converter FC-2050Δ


SWGA Energy Converting Armor. Chaff-Flare-Smoke discharger system. Active stealth system. Electronic warfare functions can control 2 QF-3000E or QF-4000 Ghosts


  • Mauler APB-01S Anti-ship Heavy Quantum Reaction beam cannon
  • Two Mauler LPG30/AA air-to-air laser pulse guns
  • Four Bifors BML-02S micro-missile launchers
  • Two Erikon APB-33 diffuse irradiation-type electron gun launchers

Mass & Loadings

Mass, empty: 27500 kg

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