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ノーザンプトン級ステルスフリゲート / Northampton-class stealth frigate


  • Ship type: Frigate (UN), Space destroyer Stealth Frigate (NUN)

The Bolognese is a stealth frigate and one of the main-force warships for U.N. colonization fleets. This type of warship employs stealth technology and is the smallest capital ship in these fleets. It has been deployed in large numbers and there exists many variations, including firepower-enhanced, reconnaissance, and early-warning versions as well as variations specific to Zentradi crews. The frigate's low firepower is compensated by its maneuverability. In the emigration fleet, it serves as the first defensive line with aircraft carriers as the second defense line. Additionally, a squadron of frigates can act as "pilot fish", surveying the route ahead of a emigration fleet and securing supplies.

Although Zentradi equipment is added and bridge shapes are different there is no difference in structure and performance in the Zentradi-variant stealth frigate of the Macross 5 fleet.

The Northhampton-class space destroyer excelled at speed and stealth capability. As of 2045, over 9000 were built and it is currently the most mass-produced space warship in the New UN Forces and is still mass produced as of 2059. The basic design has not changed in 30 years but engines, sensors, armaments, etc., have been continually improved.


Docking with other ships is possible through the bridge area. Three level bridge area with multiple displays. Diamond-shaped linear hull construction with high passive stealth ability.

Zentradi specification

Dome-shaped bridge with multiple antenna and radar. Large sensor installed on the ventral side for hostile craft detection.

Main machinery

  • General Galaxy Impulse Drive engine. Nozzles along the circumference of the center rear body
  • OTEC/Shinnakasu Fold system (gravitational field control system attachment)



  • Bifors Anti-ship/anti-aircraft beam guns
  • Remmington anti-aircraft laser guns
  • Bifors anti-ship missile system
  • Other armaments

2059 version

  • Two 72mm beam gun turrets
  • Four 58mm twin beam gun turrets
  • Eighteen 20mm twin beam CIWS
  • Four Anti-ship missile launchers

Combat data systems

  • Sensor dome


  • Approx 37 fighters, including 28 VF-11 Thunderbolt, 4 VF-17 Nightmare, and 4 VF-19 Excalibur, each with landing pod; and 1 VF-22S Sturmvogel II with fold booster (Stargazer, 2046 February).


  • Dimensions, meters: approx 250
  • 2059 version
    • Overall Length: 252.5 m
    • Overall width: 85.6 m
    • Overall Height: 64.5 m

Mass & Loadings

  • Displacement, tons: approx 1200 (operational)
    • Zentradi specification: 1310


  • Maximum instantaneous acceleration: 1.95G+

Ships in class

Bluenose Macross 7
Bolognese Macross 7
Bolognese 003 Macross 7
Bolognese 005 Macross 7
Bolognese 006 Macross 7
Carla 009 Macross 7
Lucy Macross 7
Stargazer 2046 February Macross 7
Glendale FFM-805 Macross Frontier
Amagi FFM-860 Macross Frontier
Century FFM-796 Macross Frontier
Eden FFM-810 Macross Frontier
Arc Broom FFM-832 Macross Frontier
Furious Macross Frontier
Bluewhale FFM-866 Macross Frontier
Starline Macross Frontier


  • The Bluenose, Carla 009, and Lucy are not specified to be in the same class as the other frigates. The Stargazer name is a supposed reference to the ship of the same name in Star Trek: The Next Generation. For an example of mutual inspiration and idea cross-pollination, please see this post and this post on USENET from Star Trek franchise technical illustrator and modeller Rick Sternbach.
  • The Zentradi-variant is not specified as Northampton-class.