Bruno J. Global

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Tall man with mustache

Age: 46
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Eastern Europe
Lineage: Italian
Blood Type: O
Height: 194 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Family Status: Married 2003 March to Miho
Address: Marco Polo, Goddard, SDF-1 Macross
Occupation: Ship Captain, Admiral
Affiliation: UN Navy, UN Spacy
Rank: Commander, Colonel, Brigadier General
Assignment: Marco Polo, Goddard, SDF-1 Macross


  • Debut: The Super Dimension Fortress Macross episode 1
  • Other appearances: The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?, Misa Hayase: White Reminiscences, "The Plundering Fleet"
  • Voice (Japanese): Michio Hazama
  • Voice (English, 2006): John Swasey